Established in 2009 by Mr Juan J Arroyo and based in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, we have been continually growing and investing in our infrastructure.

We are a trusted web services provider, the feedback we receive from happy clients is a testament to this. We have built the NuWeb Solutions brand on our reputation and dedication to our clients. Over the years we have worked closely with our partners to deliver the latest innovations to our clients, and have helped many businesses to unlock the full potential of the web.

We have the credentials to meet the requirements of your business and the experience to help you grow in the future. Our flexibility and exceptional support has been the key to our success and will ensure we will still be standing strong far into the future. We are the web services provider you can depend on, we are NuWeb Solutions.

Over the years we’ve developed and continually grown our service infrastructure. And now, offering 24 hour technical support we are more reliable and flexible than ever before.

We don’t just offer you outstanding customer support – although you can view our client testimonials to see our commitment for yourself. Our UK data centre was built to ensure that our servers always run at the optimum level of efficiency. This helps to save the environment and your money.

Not only is our energy efficient, climate-controlled centre very eco-friendly, it is also highly secure against data theft and hazards such as fire. And with expert technicians onsite around the clock (every day of the year) you can feel safe in the knowledge that your business will stay online.

We offer cost-effective and highly innovative solutions for any business size. No matter whether you want to start or improve your online business – we can make it happen. In short, if you want to unlock your online potential, NuWeb Solutions holds the key.

Our History

  • The shutdown & merging of client data process was completed with the closure of NuHosting in March. All clients and services are now fully under one roof. April saw the re-launch of the new NuWeb Solutions website, complete with all services including: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers, Domain Registration, Web Design (Custom Design & Small Business Design), Mobile App Development (Custom Apps & Small Business Apps) and SSL Certificates.

  • Having received feedback from clients that find having our services spread across 3 websites more difficult and time consuming (with varying client area logins, client support details), the decision was made after 6 years to bring our separate brands back under one roof. The shutdown & merging of client data process was started with the shutdown of followed later by NuApps by the end of 2017. NuWeb Solutions ( re-development was started with a 2018 launch planned.

  • Under NuHosting, further infrastructure investment continued, adding a second data centre in Maidenhead. The move to individual branding also came with a business mission overhaul, moving focus to a B2B (Business to Business) model.

  • In April 2012 the decision was taken to split NuWeb Solutions up into individual brands, with the idea that each brand will be able to better market the specific services provided, the brands included NuHosting ( - the web hosting, servers and domain registration brand, NuApps ( - the iOS & Android mobile app development brand and - the web development and graphic design brand.

  • In January we launched our first rage of Virtual Private Servers (V.P.S), based on Dell PowerEdge hardware, Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu) Operating Systems, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0. This was enabled thanks to heavy investment in server hardware and data centre infrastructure at our Maidenhead Data Centre.

  • We became a domain registrar, adding Domain Registration services to our product/service portfolio.

  • NuWeb Solutions was founded by Mr Juan J Arroyo, launched in December 2009. Offering, Shared Hosting and Web Design services. Catering to both B2C and B2B.

Client Testimonials

Hi there my Name is Mike Alves' I run a recording facility in Scarbourgh North Yorkshire. I am in the Process of expanding Our services as a Business. & NuWeb Solutions were recommended to me by a good friend who does Graphic Design' who I value as a true Professional . Nuweb Solutions have the technical part of putting my website build and e commerce solution together. I must say they are very well organised from my first initial contact with there company. they have a very quick response times if you have a problem. My experience of working with these people so far has been excellent.

Mike Alves, ReelHarmony

I'm a marketing consultant who builds & maintains Wordpress websites for my clients. I want to be able to get on with the bit that i'm good at and not worry too much about all the techy stuff. NuHosting (NuWeb Solutions) have been fantastic over the last few years, always available to answers any questions I have. I would definitely recommend their hosting services to anybody... Friendly, helpful and knowledgable. Thanks for your support and keep up the good work.

Simon Harrup, Marketing Consultant

I'm very happy with the service from NuWeb Solutions. I found them efficient, easy to deal with, very reasonably priced and I'm always recommending other potential clients to them. I'm more than happy with my website and look forward to working with them again.

Richard Lennox, Musician

After searching the internet for weeks, I finally found a design company that not only were really friendly with their one on one help and advice, but also their web design is second to none and with a quick turn around, and very cost effective. You will not be let down, NuWeb Solutions always work very close if needed making sure your happy with the services they provide.

Steve Andrews, Entertainer

NuWeb Solutions was recommended to us by a friend and we haven’t been let down, capable of listing 10,000 items our site is now running and we have returning customers within a few months of going live. Affordable Effective Efficient and value for money.

Stuart Allen, Handles & Ironmongery

I was struggling to get a good web presence for my online radio station, then I found NuWeb Solutions. OMG! what a change. I have transfered all my online web to them, I find them very supportive in every way, no matter what you ask they reply and even today still getting the support, I cannot have found a better provider. You will not find any better hosting and web services in the UK, no matter what they say, take it from me as a customer of NuWeb Solutions do IT!!! It will be the best move you have ever made. I wish NuWeb Solutions all the best for the future and hope to be a customer for as long as I am on this planet. Thanks guys.

Alex Kerr, Web United

My experience as a client with NuWeb Solutions has been very effective. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a top UK host because the customer and technical support has been very consistent throughout my time using their service. Any issues that I encountered was resolved super fast. In fact, the host’s competent tech representative even helped out with some plagiarism issues I had with another site which goes far and beyond what their role is as a web host provider. It just shows how passionate they are about keeping their customers satisfied.

Toya Caroline
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