Web Design & Development Key Points

Choose A Direction Or Plan

Choose A Direction Or Plan

You’ll need to choose between the ‘Custom Web Design’ or ‘Small Business Web Design’ services, choose what best fits your business needs.

Learning, Research & Planning

Learning, Research & Planning

Once we’ve learnt about your business, we will start the research and planning phase, so we can better understand your website needs.


Design, Build & Test

We design your site, page by page. Once you approve of the design, we code your site. When the build has been completed, we review your site to ensure all works as intended.


Public Launch

The most exciting of all stages! Now that your website is ready, it’s time to release it to the public. We will set-up your hosting and make your site live on your chosen domain.

About Custom Web Design

All our custom web design sites are bespoke developed to fit your needs, built from the ground up to be unique, stand out from the crowd. We utilise UX and UI best practises to design a clean interface and well structured menu system.

If you run a small local business you may be more suited to our ‘Small Business Web Design’ service. For this we use part pre-developed elements that we designed previously, this helps us have the basic foundation for any website already built, drastically cutting the period of time needed to complete and at a fraction of the usual cost.

For medium to large, national and international businesses, you’ll likely require a more bespoke custom development service.

Our team of dedicated designers & developers are here to help assist you, offer advice and guidance and support your business when needed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Similar to our Mobile Apps, ‘Custom Web Design’ and ‘Small Business Web Design’ are both completely different. With the Small Business Web Design we use part pre-developed elements that we designed previously, this helps us have the basic foundation for any website already built, drastically cutting the cost. With Custom Web Design we start from scratch, from design to coding, the entire project is built from start to finish as per your needs and requirements and nothing has been pre-developed.

    With our ‘Custom Web Design’ we typically require 50% upfront and 50% on completion, depending on project cost we can look at other options, please talk to us. For the ‘Small Business Web Design’ service, we require the full amount paid when placing the order for this service.

    Small Business Web Design we estimate a 14 working day timeline, this is to publish and be live within 14 days. Custom Web Design, this will vary depending on your projects requirements, you'll be informed directly up front on estimated timeline.

    Yes. We offer several monthly Website Management plans. Choose the plan that best fits the needs of your business. Think of us as part of your team, your web team. Without the hassle of finding the right individuals with the required qualifications, then dealing with the employment hassle. We have our highly qualified team, ready to work for your business.

    Yes, we will bill you for the years registration cost, once paid you are then able to transfer the domain to any host.

    From a web design & development perspective, yes. From a web hosting perspective, no. However, the design must have not been altered by any other design agency or freelancer. We do not offer support once this has been done, we can however correct issues at additional cost.