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In today’s market place it’s become essential that businesses evaluate their presence on mobile devices. You should strongly consider bespoke custom apps built from scratch. Today, consumers are expecting businesses to own a native app or at least have some kind of mobile presence.

Our team of UK designers and developers are experienced in dealing with businesses of all sizes and helping them find the best app solution for their needs.

If you run a small local business you may be more suited to our ‘Small Business Apps’ service. This is a modular based platform that enables us to build feature rich apps in a short period of time and at a fraction of the usual cost.

For medium to large, national and international businesses, you’ll likely require a more bespoke custom development service.

Apps are a great way to add value to a product or service. Perhaps you have a physical product that could feature a free app to supplement it. Or perhaps you own a web based service that could be easily translated into a mobile version. Or maybe you need an app created for internal employee use. Whatever your app needs and requirements, let NuWeb Solutions build the perfect custom app for your business.

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    Mobile App Features

    Audio & Video

    Audio & Video

    Feature audio content or video content within your app.

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    eCommerce Store

    Feature an eCommerce store, sell goods with payment processing.

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    Booking & Appointments

    Allow customers to place bookings or appointments within your app.

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    Live Customer Support

    Live Customer Support

    Offer live customer support without your app, with a live chat feature.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The ‘Custom Apps’ and ‘Small Business Apps’ are both completely different. With the Small Business Apps we use our own web platform to easily create your app in a ‘drag and drop’ method. All the features that you can utilise have already been created. With Custom Apps we start from scratch and build the Apps by coding them in the specific language required and with your specific needs in mind.

    Yes! We can create a custom module just for your app, then base the rest of your app on our ‘Small Business Apps’ platform. Please contact us using the ‘Custom Apps’ form above, we will then provide you with a quote on the job required, please note you will still require a monthly subscription to one of the ‘Small Business Apps’ plans.

    App Management is in reference to managing the in app content, all plans excluding our NuApp Startup come Fully Managed, this means our team will manage your app for you, adding new content, updating as you require it (simply submit support tickets to request content be added). Self Managed means you update and manage your app content yourself. When we manage your app content, we are careful to make sure it is all sized correctly, works correctly and that no issues exist.

    The setup fee covers initial design of your app including creating a template, creating all graphics for the app. It also includes App Store setup (generating app icons, screenshots and description) and app publishing.

    The monthly fee covers server hosting for your app, continued access to the web control panel (to control your app), covers ongoing development costs to improve features, add new features. It includes app design changes, if you request graphical changes to the app we perform requested changes, generating new app store content after these changes have been performed (icon, screenshots, descriptions) and publishing the update to the App Stores. It also includes all testing on latest devices and operating systems, all bug fix work performed to make sure your app is always working and includes all bug fix submissions to the App Stores. Selected plans include our App Management service, where we update and manage your in app content for you.

    Small Business Apps we estimate a 14 working day timeline, this is to publish and be live within 14 days. Custom Apps, this will vary depending on your projects requirements, you'll be informed directly up front on estimated timeline.

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