VosCast - Duplicating NuCast.co.uk's Branding Strategy.

Back Story

NuCast started life in 2005 under the Dribb.com branding, initially offering Linux Web Hosting services in and around the London (UK) area only. After the acquisition by Atlantis NuWeb Limited (a small family company) Dribb.com started to offer Radio Stream Hosting services and expanded beyond it’s London roots.

With Radio Stream Hosting services quickly becoming Dribb.com’s core service, a decision in 2021 was taken to create a new brand specifically focused on internet broadcasting services and deeper integrate into the NuWeb Solutions bands – this new service was named NuCast.co.uk.

NuCast Banding 2021/22

As the creation of the new website for NuCast.co.uk was underway in 2021, a review was conducted of competitor core branding imagery – as NuCast.co.uk did not wish to acquire photography that was used as major branding for any competitor – after all NuCast have respect our competitors, NuCast have never and will never attempt to imitate/copy/mimic any competitors branding strategy, NuCast believes this is unprofessional and wrong – NuCast of course always hope that competitors will also extend this level of professional courtesy when considering imagery.

Family Company, With Core Values

Atlantis NuWeb Limited being a small family company – always operates by a core set of values, these values include operating in a professional manner towards competitors and a deep respect for competitors within our industry – extending professional courtesy if and when required.

2024 VosCast Banding Change

In 2024, VosCast opted to change their core branding – changing the use-case of a previous low priority image at VosCast – used since 2021 at VosCast – and elevate this image to main core branding. This use-case change was a direct change – a direct copy – of the NuCast core branding that has been used by NuCast.co.uk since January 2022. With this image use-case change VosCast directly copied NuCast.co.uk’s branding strategy.

Contact With VosCast

While NuCast.co.uk made several light-hearted attempts to reach out via social media – VosCast quickly deleted and then blocked this form of contact. Direct contact was made, with direct contact not resulting in accepting any responsibility for the change in use-case of the specific image at VosCast.

Image Legal Ownership

Neither party has any legal claim over the specific image in question – this image is stock photography that can be purchased by anyone. Neither party can claim to be the first to use this image on a website nor can claim any level of legal ownership over the image itself. This is regarding use-case change only.


The above information is factual and correct, it cannot be disputed. By changing the use-case of the image in 2024, VosCast either knowingly or unknowingly directly copied NuCast.co.uk’s branding strategy, a strategy used since 2022. When approached, VosCast has been less than receptive – showing an unwillingness to accept responsibility for the questionable image use-case change, and suggested that NuCast.co.uk change it’s branding instead. NuCast provided VosCast with 30 days before publishing this page in the hopes that they would review the main branding image used so that VosCast is not directly copying NuCast.co.uk’s 2022 branding strategy – at the time of publishing this, VosCast failed to alter their branding imagery.

Below you will see screenshots (provided via Internet Archives – publicly available) of the VosCast and NuCast websites at the same time period – this will clearly show VosCast’s 2024 change – directly copying NuCast.co.uk’s core branding strategy.

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